Dr Kathleen Vancleef

Transforming care for patients with visual perception problems

We want to understand how the brain interprets the world around us. We develop real-world applications that benefit patients with visual perceptual
problems after a brain injury.

Image courtesy of Durham University

I am an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience and NIHR Advanced Fellow at the Psychology department of Durham University. Our team researched how to improve diagnosis and rehabilitation of visual perception difficulties after a brain injury.

In our translational research, we work with allied health care professionals like occupational therapists and orthoptists to learn more about their current practice and needs. We than used insights from visual cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology methods to develop new assessments that fit with clinical reality and reduce staff demands.


We research difficulties with visual perception after a brain injury. Most of our research is with stroke survivors and children with Cerebral Visual Impairment.


I love teaching all things vision and brain to students and professionals. Check out our Team‘s page for internship opportunities.

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