Teaching and training

I want to help students realise their fullest potential. I encourage enquiry-based learning and see myself as a facilitator of their learning process. This means my lectures and training sessions are very interactive. We learn through practical examples, case studies, discussion, and self-assessments. I also bring my research into my class room. At the end of the day, I want everyone to go home with new ideas that can easily be implemented but can make a big difference to clinical practice.


I enjoy tutoring small groups of just a few undergraduate students, as well as delivering a workshop for 15-30 professionals. I have also lectured large groups of about 400 students. I have coordinated and designed course modules, prepared course materials, designed and marked assessments.

Some of the topics I have taught are

  • Diagnosis of visual perception deficits
  • Neuropsychology of stroke
  • Perception
  • Depth perception
  • Psychology in neuroscience
  • Visual psychophysics
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Statistics
  • Neuro-anatomy and neurophysiology
  • Experimental psychology

What students say

Very professional lecturer who put much effort in developing an interesting seminar with practical applications, fun with case studies, and clear assignments to discuss in smaller groups.

Clinical Neuropsychology student

Good balance between theory and clinical applications.

Workshop participant

I found my time at the Institute to be an amazing experience, and hopefully if possible in the future I would be really grateful to do some more work experience.

Work experience student

Supervision and mentoring

My favourite items around my desk are the various Thank You cards that I received from students over the years. I have now been the day-to-day supervisor of over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate project students, interns and research assistants. I very much enjoy to see them grow and discover their own research interest and passion. Every student has different career aspirations. I aim to create development opportunities and learning experiences that match those personal goals.