Public Involvement

What really brings a spark in my eyes is Public Involvement. Public Involvement is research carried out WITH and BY the public. You are playing a vital role in the research. Your voice influences the research outcome. You are a partner in the process. I consult patients and the public on

  • what research topics are important to them
  • what I should prioritise
  • how I can improve our communication with our participants
  • how I can improve their experience with us
  • how I can boots recruitment
  • how I should communicate the research results with the public
  • and more

Public Involvement can happen in various ways. Sometimes it is a two minute discussion on Twitter, sometimes we have a chat over the phone or I will hold a workshop bringing together a small group of stroke survivors or parents of children with vision problems. Some people become very involved and attend regular meetings where we brainstorm and discuss our latest research. Often it is a very pleasant social event too.

Do you want to get involved?

Does that sound like something you might be interested in. Get in touch and I will happily give you more details. Involvement can range from a 5 minute chat once to attending several meetings a year. It is all up to you and can change over time.