I am passionate about translational neuropyschology research in visual perception. Visual perception refers to how the brain processes information coming from the eyes. My research aims to better understand visual perception difficulties that people can experience after brain injury. I work closely with patients and clinicians to learn about their experiences and needs. With that knowledge I develop assessments and interventions to improve patients’ lives.

Research projects

My projects focus on improving the diagnosis and rehabilitation of visual perception problems after brain injury. I work with adult stroke survivors and children with Cerebral Visual Impairment.


Click on the link below to see a full list of all my journal articles and book chapters. For publications of a specific research project, navigate to the relevant research project that you are interested in.

Get involved

You can get involved in our research in several ways.

You can take part in our studies as a research participant. Patients and healthy volunteers are welcome. We will ask you to do some mental puzzles on paper or on a computer. For instance we will show you a drawing and ask you what it is a picture of. This usually means visiting the university, but some studies happen online. Some studies are shorter, some take longer and might require multiple visits. If you have difficulties getting to us, you can request a home visit.

You can also get involved as a Patient of Public Involvement member. You will advise the research team on matters like how to improve the experience for research participants, what to prioritise in research and how to communicate research findings with the general public. Your involvement can range from one off phone call to regular meetings.


Dr Alison Lane and Prof Amanda Ellison – Durham University (UK)

Prof Chris Price and Dr Lisa Shaw – Newcastle University (UK)

Prof Jenny Read – Newcastle University (UK)

Prof Nele Demeyere – University of Oxford (UK)

Dr Christine Hazelton – Glasgow Caledonian University

Prof Randi Starrfelt and Dr Ro Robotham – University of Copenhagen (DK)

Prof Els Ortibus – University Hospitals Leuven (B)

Prof Johan Wagemans – University of Leuven (B)

Irmgard Bals – Bartimeus (NL)