Taking part in research

People with and without visual perception problems take part in our research. For some research studies, we are looking for specific groups of people like children, people who recently had a stroke, or health care professionals. Other studies are open to everyone.

We usually ask our volunteers to complete a health questionnaire and do visual perception tasks on a computer or on paper. The visual perception tasks are activities like counting dots on a page, recognising images of objects, or drawing shapes. The sessions can take place online, at your home or at the university. Some studies take only 10 minutes, other studies take a few hours. For longer studies, we can usually arrange to split it up in shorter sessions that are more comfortable for you.

You can take part from the comfort of your home through video calling. We can provide technical support over the phone.

If you are interested in taking part in research, sign-up to our research volunteer database. We will send you regular updates of our research opportunities.