Research WITH the public

One of my greatest sources of inspiration are patients and the general public. Just a simple chat with a stroke survivor or a young person with Cerebral Visual Impairment can teach me so much. Their stories motivate me to understand the scientific basis behind their condition and improve their lives through developing better assessment and rehabilitation tools. Sharing these advances with the general public in Public Engagement events like school workshops or public lectures is equally rewarding. Seeing the enthusiasm and the fascination people show after attending my events, brings a smile on my face every time again.

Taking part in research

People with and without vision problems take part in our research. They complete questionnaires or do mental puzzles.

Public Engagement

We share our knowledge about the brain with the public. We give lectures and workshops for children and adults.

Public Involvement

We like to hear patients’ and the public’s opinion on our research and invite them to join or advice our research team.