Early indicators of Cerebral Visual Impairment

Project description

Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment have difficulties with their vision and visual perception despite having normal eyes. Instead, their brain is interpreting the information from their eyes in a different way than normally. Most often these children had brain injury around birth like epilepsy or meningitis. Quite often their abnormal visual perception is not immediately clear. Especially in pre-verbal children it is difficult to diagnose Cerebral Visual Impairment because most available tests are not suitable for very young children. This means that children and their parents often have to come back for a new assessment a few years later. Only then a diagnosis can be made.

With this project we want to research if there are any early indicators or ‘red flags’ for Cerebral Visual Impairment that can be picked up at a very young age. We do a retrospective study of medical files of children who attended an appointment at Bartimeus Cerebral Visual Impairment Expert Centre in the last few years.

I am a external adviser on the project and co-supervise research assistant Robin Schrauwers.


Stichting Bartimeus-Sonneheerdt

Principal Investigator

Irmgard Bals – Bartimeus

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