Privacy Notice

Database Privacy Notice v1: 17 December 2021

Durham University’s responsibilities under data protection legislation include the duty to ensure that we provide individuals with information about how we process personal data. We do this in a number of ways, one of which is the publication of privacy notices. This privacy notice provides a general description of the broad range of processing activity in addition there are tailored privacy notices covering some specific processing activity.

To ensure that we process your personal data fairly and lawfully we are required to inform you:

  • Why we collect your data
  • How it will be used
  • Who it will be shared with

We will also explain what rights you have to control how we use your information and how to inform us about your wishes. Durham University will make the Privacy Notice available via the website and at the point we request personal data.

Our privacy notices comprise two parts – a generic part (ie common to all of our privacy notices) and a part tailored to the specific processing activity being undertaken.


Please access our General Privacy Notice online.


This section of the Privacy Notice provides you with the privacy information that you need to know before you provide personal data to the University for the particular purpose(s) stated below.

Project Title: Contact database for people interested in research about vision problems after brain injury

Type(s) of personal data collected and held by the researcher and method of collection:

Personal and demographic data will be collected through online form and stored on a database.

Lawful Basis

Under data protection legislation, we need to tell you the lawful basis we are relying on to process your data.

The lawful basis we are relying on for processing your personal data is public task: the processing is necessary for an activity being carried out as part of the University’s public task, which is defined as teaching, learning and research.

How personal data is stored:

All personal data will be held securely and strictly confidential to the research team. The data we will have will be recorded using an online form, after which it will be transferred to the database. The database will be stored on a secure network drive, accessible only to authorized members of the research team and members of the technical team in the Department of Psychology.

How personal data is processed:

We will retain the data for a period of 10 years after an individual has signed up for the database (unless the individual requests their data to be removed from the database earlier than this, in which case they will be removed from the database immediately). Any data in relation to children from parents who have signed up, will be automatically removed when the child turns 18.

We will re-consent individuals after the 10 year period.

If you would like to remove your data from the database please get in touch using the email address below.

Who the researcher shares personal data with:

Identifiable data will not be shared outside the research team.

Please be aware that if you disclose information which indicates the potential for serious and immediate harm to yourself or others, the research team may be obliged to breach confidentiality and report this to relevant authorities. This includes disclosure of child protection offences such as the physical or sexual abuse of minors, the physical abuse of vulnerable adults, money laundering, or other crimes covered by prevention of terrorism legislation.  Where you disclose behaviour (by yourself or others) that is potentially illegal but does not present serious and immediate danger to others, the researcher will, where appropriate, signpost you to relevant services, but the information you provide will be kept confidential (unless you explicitly request otherwise).

How long personal data is held by the researcher:

All data will be held confidentially for the standard period of 10 years, after which we will re-consent individuals. If we do not get a response, or the individuals wish to be removed, their data will be destroyed.

How to object to the processing of your personal data for this project:

If you have any concerns regarding the processing of your personal data, or you wish to withdraw your data from the project, contact Dr Kathleen Vancleef at

Further information:

Dr Kathleen Vancleef,